We provide a wide range of services, for a broad range of clients. However, first and foremost we ensure that we always listen to you and your specific circumstances, as we understand that each and every case is different.

Always Approachable

How we can help you

By engaging with us early on in the process, our involvement can deliver significant VAT savings in addition to assisting you to avoid potential VAT pitfalls, resulting from complex transactions. With this in mind we can assist with:

VAT Consultancy

Whether it be an organisation who has:

- a VAT registration obligation
- VAT liability questions in structuring a deal, or
- complex issues with VAT recovery and partial exemption...
We can advise

VAT Compliance

Whether it be:

- a review of VAT returns and associated accounting records
- recoverin VAT on costs incurred by your business outside the UK
- assisting you in extending payment time with the Debt Management Unit of HMRC...
We can advise

VAT and Brexit

Whether it be

- undertaking a VAT / Brexit presentation for your staff in-house over Zoom or
- providing advice on the VAT implications of importing / acquiring materials from France following the end of the Transitional Period or
- advising on the necessary rules to consider with overseas VAT registrations…we can advise

VAT Health Checks / Reviews

Whether it be

- undertaking a review of processes / systems to flush out any anomalies that have transpired; or
- uncovering any VAT which should not have been paid to HMRC resulting in a repayment of VAT; or
- making recommendations on how the incidence of VAT may be minimised…we can advise

VAT Training

Whether it be

- bespoke in-house VAT training for your new graduates; or
-implementing a requirement of HMRC for the suspension of a penalty; or VAT / Brexit training that will allow your staff to become more conversant with the VAT rules going forward … we can assist

VAT Investigations / Assessments & Appeals

Whether it be

- providing you with assistance in dealing with a HMRC investigation; or lodging an appeal for a VAT assessment received from a HMRC officer; or
- assisting you in reducing the incidence of any VAT and penalties that may fall due…we can advise  

Mission Statement

Our aim is to be your valued business partner by offering excellent advice on any VAT subject. We look to bring new practices that will optimise profitability.

There is a saying” “Everything happens for a reason and sometimes good things fall apart so better things can come together”. So as well as dealing with standard, urgent and unforeseen VAT issues, we look to bring new practices that will optimise profitability.

Thanks to the efficient use of technology we can be of assistance whatever the location.

Always Accurate Advice

What people say

We take great pride in  the positive feedback we receive from clients.