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Independent VAT consultancy advice to Businesses, Accountants and Solicitors.

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The VAT Help Line provides independent VAT consultancy advice to Businesses, Accountants and Solicitors. Every business is unique be it a large multinational organisation manufacturing widgets to an individual providing drum tutoring services. Accordingly, each requires its own individual VAT advice which is specific to its own particular circumstances.

Raphael Suissa2
Raphael Suissa

Independent Vat Consultant

Raphael’s experience gained over many years working within a Big 4 accountancy organisation, in addition to more recently advising clients on all areas of VAT for a firm of Accountants and Tax Advisers down south, has led him to believe that what people want is to have:

All too often clients feel embarrassed in raising questions on VAT, thinking that the answer is “simple” when it is not – the answer may not be as easy as originally thought!

“When it comes to VAT, there is no such thing as a stupid question.
A question is only stupid, when it is NOT asked”
Advice in all VAT Areas
What we at The VAT Help Line provide?
1. VAT Consultancy

Advising you on all areas of VAT

2. VAT Compliance

Assisting you with your VAT compliance

3. VAT and Brexit

Helping you in planning ahead

4. VAT Health Checks / Reviews

Undertaking a review of your processes / systems

5. VAT Training

Performing VAT training where required

6. VAT Investigations / Disputes / Assessments & Appeals

Supporting you in your dealings with HMRC

Professional Advice
Who we work with?


Whether costs incurred by a business are recoverable or not, or whether your supplies are subject to VAT at 20%, please do not hesitate in contacting us to clarify


Whether it be a large accountancy firm without an in-house VAT resource or an independent book-keeper, please call to see how we may be of assistance


Whether VAT advice is required in relation to an impending property deal or a question arises as to whether the sale is subject to VAT, please call us where you are unsure