We are COMPLETELY INDEPENDENT and you will not have to concern yourself with us poaching your clients!

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Are you linked with any accountancy firm or are you completely independent?

We are COMPLETELY INDEPENDENT and you will not have to concern yourself with us poaching your clients!

What makes you different than other VAT Consultancy providers?

We like to think that our clients genuinely enjoy dealing with us and that our customer service sets us apart. We make it our priority to build a relationship with each client and regularly reach out to clients on a consistent basis because we care about the success of your business. We also provide proactive VAT advice where a decision has been released that covers your business.

We are also very transparent when it comes to fees which we charge, so once that has been agreed in advance, we can then get on with building a strong business relationship.

How do we best use the services which you have to offer?

You can call or email us with your query. Alternatively, you may wish to arrange a Zoom call to discuss your clients’ circumstances and can explain more fully what you need. Either way, we are always here to help.

Can I raise a question without being billed for it?

Yes.  You will not be billed for asking a one-off VAT related question. The first 30 minutes are free! It is only after this that you will need to comply with our client take-on procedures.

Have you got your own Professional Indemnity cover and if so, with whom?

Yes, we are insured with Hiscox Insurance Company Limited, with a limit of £1m.

What is your procedure for invoicing our clients?

We can either hold a direct relationship with your clients and invoice them directly. Alternatively, where you would like us to invoice via you, we can also do it this way.

Where you are to invoice me, what level of detail is provided?

Where this is the chosen route, we will provide you with:
• Client identification and client references, where provided;
• A description of the advice provided;
• The hourly rate and number of units spent on each project (each unit corresponds to 6-minute intervals);
• Date when the advice was provided; and
• The total fee due.

Does The VAT Help Line provide any guarantees?

As we do not want our clients to have any concerns regarding:

  • The level of our service
  • Our fee structure
  • Our delivery timescales

we will work extremely hard to ensure we do not let you down. With this in mind, we offer you the following guarantees:

  • Fixed fee agreed in advance, where required
  • Delivery date agreed at the time when the work is costed
  • Response to phone calls and emails with a 48-hour turnaround time.
Would you be willing to hold yourself out as one of my team?

Yes, where you require it.

Does it matter if I am not located near to you and do I have to come and meet you face to face to sign up?

No. In-fact, one of the biggest attractions for many of our clients in the current climate is that we don’t do any face to face meetings! We are available via email, telephone and Zoom to deal with any VAT queries, wherever they may be.

We have clients nationally be it down in London, up in Scotland or just here in the North-West! However, should you require a face-to-face meeting, we can set one up!

No – it can all be done electronically! Don’t forget, we are always on the end of the phone or email if you need us.

Is it important to use a qualified tax consultant?

Yes, it most definitely is. As we are regulated by a professional body (Chartered Institute of Taxation) we comply with certain standards and have undertaken a rigorous training program to achieve our qualifications.

When you use someone who is not qualified, you take a risk and a gamble – it can prove to be costly in the long run!

What information is needed to receive a quote and subsequent advice?

In advance of providing you with a quote and the subsequent advice, we would like to:

  • Have a call with you to understand your query
  • We would need to examine all correspondence including copy letters entered into with HMRC
  • Examine any additional information that may be relevant e.g. copy invoices issued

We would need to agree a Job Specification in terms of:

  • What is required and by when
  • What the fee structure is
At this time, we would be happy to provide you with a quote for our services and where this is agreed, we would get on with the advice!
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